EBCOG Committees

Educational Branch

Since 2021, EBCOG has introduced the Educational Branch. The aim is to coordinate the activities of the Standing Committee on Examinations (SCE), Standing Committee on Training and Assessment (SCTA), and Standing Committee on Training Recognition (SCTR), as well as to establish a more efficient and interactive communication bridge with the Council Members.

SCE – Standing committee on Examinations

Since 2016, EBCOG has been conducting a final summative examination for specialty trainee doctors for the award of “European Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology – EFOG-EBCOG”. The exam consists of 2 parts:

Part 1 is a knowledge-based exam. The exam assesses knowledge (KBA) and is computer-based. Performed online, it will be a Remotely and Virtually Invigilated Exam (RIVE). Passing this exam is necessary to sit the Part 2 exam.

Part 2 is an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE).

Prof Ioannis E. MessinisSCE Chair,
Director of Examinations,
Extended Matching Questions (EMQ) subcommittee Lead,
Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) Member
Prof Charles Savona-VenturaSingle Best Answer (SBA) subcommittee Lead
QAC Member
Prof Diogo Ayres-de-CamposPart 2 (OSCE) Exam Lead
Prof Johannes BitzerKnowledge based assessment (KBA) Lead, QAC member
Prof Tahir MahmoodQAC Chair
Dr Sambit MukhopadhyayPre-exam Part 1 & Part 2 Courses Lead
QAC Member
Dr Petr VelebilMember
Dr Karen RoseMember
Dr Mei Yee NgENTOG representation
Alexandros PeristeropoulosExamination Secretariat

SCTA  Standing committee on Training and Assessment

The SCTA has produced a new European Curriculum PACT and log books for both specialist and
subspecialist training as well as recommendations for ‘Training the Trainers (TTT)’. EBCOG runs regular
TTT courses. The implementation of a pan European curriculum will create a workforce with comparable
skills and training to ensure patient safety.

Prof Fionnuala McAuliffeSCTA Chair
Dr Angelique GoverdeTTT Lead
Prof Fedde ScheelePACT Implementation Lead
Prof Fionnuala McAuliffePACT Revision Lead
Assoc.Prof. Alexandra KristufkovaSimulation and E-Learning Co-Lead
Dr Goknur TopcuSimulation and E-Learning Co-Lead
Dr Sofia TsiapakidouENTOG representative
Dr Anna Aabakkemember
Dr Jure Klanjscekmember
Dr Helena Bartelsmember
Dr Karen Rosemember
Dr Annalisa Tancredimember
Dr Mark Formosamember
Dr Ursula CatenaESGE representative
4 subspecialties twice a year

SCTR Standing Committee on Training Recognition

To quality assure postgraduate training programmes in obstetrics & gynaecology in Europe at the highest possible standard in order to provide optimal care for women and the unborn babies. Organises and carries out visits to ensure the highest quality possible for teaching hospitals. Currently  more than 200 training units in 23 countries have been accredited

Dr Petr VelebilSCTR Chair
Prof. Juriy WladimiroffSCTR Past-Chair
Prof Jaroslav FeyereislMember
Prof Philippe JudlinMember
Prof Ioannis MessinisMember
Dr Jure KlanjščekMember
Dr Karen RoseMember
Prof Sebastian KwiatkowskiMember
Prof Cansun DemirMember
Dr Dmytro LedinMember
Dr Rafal ZadykowiczMember, ENTOG
Dr Nuno MartinsMember
Prof Andrii Tkachenko † Member
4 subspecialties twice a year

Standing Committee on Standards of Care and Position Statements

One important mission for EBCOG is publish documents relating to Standards of Care. These cover a number of key areas related to OB & Gyn and Women’s Health. We aim to to improve the health of women and unborn and newborn babies by promoting the highest possible standards of care.

Dr. Tahir MahmoodChair
Dr. Hajra KhattakMember
Dr. Sambit MukhopadhyayMember
Prof. Ioannis MessinisMember
Prof. Charles Savona VenturaMember
Prof. Johannes BitzerMember
Prof. Diogo Ayres-de-CamposMember
Prof. Basil TarlatzisMember
Prof. Frank LouwenMember
Assoc. Prof. Alexandra KristufkovaMember
Dr. Sofia TsiapakidouENTOG
Dr Mei Yee NgMember
Dr Ferry BoekhorstMember
Dr Agnieszka HorałaMember
Prof Gligor TofoskiMember
Dr Zixing ZhongHonorary Member

EBCOG Fellowships Working Group

Dr Petr VelebilChair
Dr Sofia TsiapakidouMember
Prof Piotr SieroszewskiMember
Dr Jure KlanjscekMember

ENTOG – European Network of Trainees in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Sofia TsiapakidouPresident
Dr. Mei Yee NgSecretary General
Dr Esther McNeillTreasurer
Dr Rafal ZadykowiczMember-Webmaster
Dr Sara VodopivecMember