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StudyMEDIC, the sole accredited global academic partner of EBCOG for EFOG-EBCOG courses, conducts a number of pre-exam courses for EFOG Part 1 and EFOG Part 2 OSCE. Conducted in association with the European Board and College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (EBCOG), these courses ensure the best learning experience to each of our students preparing for the European Fellowship Exams in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (EFOG).

These courses accredited by EBCOG, follows the syllabus and curriculum as prescribed and proposed by the European Board of OB GYN. StudyMEDIC has designed the courses with top quality study materials and contents to make learning much easier and simpler. Skilled and efficient panel of mentors are always available by the side to support students by clearing their queries instantly.

With these courses, students can now enjoy double advantaged mentoring by a panel of faculty consisting of EBCOG professors and StudyMEDIC mentors who are well-trained experts from across the globe.

EFOG -EBCOG 2 OSCE: One Day Remote Circuit Pre-Exam Course

The One Day Remote (online) Circuit Course, comes with a bunch of attractive features to offer a unique opportunity for the EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE candidates to have a real-like mock exam experience. The course offers a perfect option to practice and revise under the direct guidance of EBCOG faculties.

EFOG-EBCOG qualified mentors from StudyMEDIC will also train the candidates to attend the OSCE stations as per the EBCOG exam guidelines. Exclusive technical workshops will enhance your chances for making it the best option for you to find success in a single go. Conducted jointly between EBCOG and StudyMEDIC.



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1 day


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EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE: 2 Days Live Circuit Course

Conducted at different locations across the globe, the Live Circuit Course for EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE mimic the real exam by cent percent and is often remains one of the most recommended courses for students to clear the exam in one go. The course provides the guidance and support from EBCOG faculties and StudyMEDIC Mentors and take the students through the real exam scenarios.

The year 2024 will mark the third year of Live OSCE courses for EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE. Starting in 2022 when we conducted the course in India and UAE, we conducted the course at Dubai in UAE in 2023. The courses received very positive responses from each candidate who attended the course and they testified that the course was highly useful for them to clear the exam easily.


Offline, Live

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2 days


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StudyMEDIC Digital Learning Products

Enjoy Uninterrupted Learning with Most Advanced Digital Platforms

The most advanced digital learning platforms of StudyMEDIC makes medical education accessible round the clock at one’s fingertips. Students can access the wide range of study materials and course products ranging from preparatory videos, summaries, audio podcasts, PIL summaries, question banks, mock tests, and lots more.

StudyMEDIC Mobile App and Learning Management System, are two great digital products which will make learning simpler, easier and quicker. These provide access to all required learning resources and study materials which are arranged module-wise as per the syllabus and curriculum.

StudyMEDIC Learning Management System (LMS) is a fully customised LMS which will provide the best-in-class learning experience to students. It is loaded with a bunch of most advanced and students-friendly features including notes, flagging, reporting, my class and many others. StudyMEDIC e-Library remains one of the finest and most systematic course libraries for EFOG-EBCOG. The materials are accessible at our extensive digital course library in multiple formats at one’s fingertips.

StudyMEDIC e-books and e-courses are other set of digital platforms which will provide a new learning experience. In short, you can enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience with world’s finest learning platforms.

Panel of Faculty

EBCOG professors and StudyMEDIC mentors form the panel of faculty for the Two Days pre-exam course for EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 exam. The sessions will be taken jointly by the EBCOG and StudyMEDIC providing candidates with an option to enjoy direct guidance and mentoring from EBCOG professors and StudyMEDIC mentors.

EBCOG faculties include Prof. Charles Savona Ventura, Prof. Ioannis Messinis, Prof Jacky Nizard, Prof Diogo Ayres De Campos, Dr Nicholas Felice, Dr Sambit Mukhopadhyay, and Dr Tahir Mahmood. Dr Sowmya NS, Dr Viktor Ivan, Dr Priti Anand, and Dr Chitra Diwan who are expert mentors of StudyMEDIC will form the board of faculty.

Containing mock exams and detailed feedback discussions and supported with the most advanced study materials and more; the pre-exam course will offer the aspirants a clear idea of the real EFOG –EBCOG exam.


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Learn More About The Course Experience

EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 Pre-exam Course of Two Days

The European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EBCOG) and our exclusive accredited global academic partner StudyMEDIC conducted two days pre-exam course for EFOG-EBCOG Part 1. The course held remotely turned out to be a great success as we got feedbacks from our students.

Jointly held by EBCOG and StudyMEDIC, the course remains a great option for the candidates to enhance their preparation for EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 exam. The first set of such course was held in April 2022 and we repeated the same in April 2023 too.

In April 2022, EBCOG faculties like Prof. Charles Savona – Ventura, Prof. Ioannis Messinis, Dr Sambit Mukhopadhyay, and Mr. LLias Giarenis along with StudyMEDIC mentors including Dr Sowmya NS, Dr Viktor Ivan Cassar, Dr Tahir Mahmood, and Dr Chitra Diwan led the sessions in the Remote Circuit Course.

The candidates who attended the courses lauded it for its top-quality arrangements and the mentors’ intervention. It provided invaluable insights and preparation strategies for candidates gearing up for the EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 examination.

Building on the success of the previous year, the EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 Remote Circuit course continued in 2023. Distinguished experts including Prof. Charles Savona-Ventura, Prof. Ioannis Messinis, Dr Sambit Mukhopadhyay along with StudyMEDIC mentors including Dr Sowmya NS, Dr Chitra Diwan, Dr Dhavasree, Dr Tazeen Ashraf, Dr Priti Anand, and others led the sessions.

The EFOG-EBCOG Remote Circuit Courses are tailored to offer candidates optimal preparation for the EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 examination.

EBCOG is delighted to announce our continuous association with StudyMEDIC, ensuring the provision of top-notch educational opportunities. The collaboration aims to empower aspiring candidates globally, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for success in their examinations.

We have also started accepting the registrations for our upcoming two days pre-exam course for the upcoming EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 Exam in May 2024. For details, information and to register for the course, visit our official website at:

EBCOG, StudyMEDIC Jointly Hold 2 Days Live Circuit Course for EFOG-EBCOG 2 OSCE at Dubai, UAE; Another Clinical Feast of Excellence for OB GYNs; Highlights

The European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology- EBCOG and our sole accredited global partner StudyMEDIC have once again joined hands together to organize a transformative Two Days Live Circuit Course at Dubai, UAE for a second consecutive year. After the successful completion of our live circuit course series in 2022 when we conducted in both Dubai, UAE and Mumbai, India; in 2023 we focused mostly in the Middle East region.

This time, adding to all the charms of a clinical education feast; we had Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG) as our venue for the live circuit course. Conducting such clinical OSCE courses at a fully-equipped and most advanced simulation centre was highly beneficial to our students we believe.

The EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE Two Days Live Circuit Course, held on the 1st and 2nd of November 2023, was well received by students. It was a resounding success, providing invaluable insights and hands-on preparation for candidates gearing up for the EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE examination in November 2023.

Both EFOG-EBCOG faculties and StudyMEDIC mentors, came together to structure this exceptional event. Their expertise and guidance provided invaluable insights to the participants.

The Live Circuit Course was designed to offer the candidates the best possible preparation for the EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE examination in November 2023. The event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from EBCOG Faculties and StudyMEDIC mentors who already have cleared EFOG. The course replicates the real clinical stations in the face-to-face exam environment. This immersive experience allowed participants to become better acquainted with the examination format.

In alignment with the EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE exam syllabus, the event featured technical workshops that aimed to enhance the candidates’ exam readiness and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the upcoming examination.

While Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG) served as an excellent host for this event, their support and facilities contributed to the smooth execution of the Live Circuit Course.

StudyMEDIC, a renowned organization known for its excellence, has done exceptionally well to arrange, organize and lead the programme for EFOG-EBCOG exam preparation, ensuring that each of the aspiring medical professionals receive unparalleled guidance and support. We attribute the success of this event to StudyMEDIC for their commitment to help candidates achieve their dream careers.

At this juncture, EBCOG is all the happier to announce our continuous association with StudyMEDIC for conducting more Live Circuit Courses for EFOG-EBCOG 2 OSCE exam in the future. The goal is to continue empowering aspiring candidates and providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their examinations.

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