University hospital Pilsen

University hospital Pilsen

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Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Charles University
First Accreditation
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Head of Department
Zdenek Novotny / Vladimir Kalis

Short presentation

Short Presentation
The department is a tertiary referral centre. The staff consists of 29 specialists and 9 trainees. Our specialized services include 3 specialised centres and 16 specialised clinic with an attendance rate of more than 46000 per annum. Perinatal centre adopts a modern approach to patient management with a well-balanced proportion and variety of obstetrical interventions. The centre has an established international reputation in the field of childbirth related perineal trauma. It is regularly involved in running training workshops on episiotomy, perineal protection and anal sphincter trauma management.Oncogynecological centre focuses on advanced surgical technologies including robotic surgery, the field of tumor markers, cervical pathology and methods of lymph node processing. The centre is complemented by a genetic service, coordinatingf multidisciplinary care for patients with a genetic predisposition to cancer.Urogynecological centre focus on endoscopic prolapse reconstructions and management of obstetrical pelvic floor dysfunctions. Urogynecologists are members of the global team of researchers: PEERS (Perineal Evaluation, Education, Repair and Scanning) group. Their main achievements are international standardisations of episiotomy and manual perineal protection. The centre has been recently involved in traning events involving more 30 international workshops. Currently, the department is the leading centre for 4EU+ project involving six European universities.

Strong points of centre

One of the perinatology centres in the Czech Republic
Very good interpersonal communication
New facility has excellent possibilities for both education and training
Relation between numbers of specialist and trainees is very good
Summary of guidelines for some ob&gyn procedures at the department


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