Statement from EBCOG in support of our Ukrainian colleagues

Our hearts and thoughts are with our friends in the Ukraine. We understand that the burden of war is carried on the shoulders of women and their babies, and as obstetricians and gynaecologists the health and safety of women is our priority. Peace should prevail so healthcare can continue to be delivered safely to all women.


Officers of the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EBCOG)

Prof Basil Tarlatzis, President
Prof Frank Louwen, President-Elect
Dr Nuno Martins, Secretary-General
Dr Sambit Mukhopadhyay, Treasurer

UPDATE – 4 March 2022

Many other organizations have also come forward to show their support of the Ukrainian people. EBCOG would therefore like to share the statements of UEMS-EACCME and FIGO here as well.

1 thought on “Statement from EBCOG in support of our Ukrainian colleagues”

  1. Piret Veerus

    I hereby demand the immediate finishing of all war activities in Ukraine. EBCOG and FIGO are in the position to demand it as well.

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