Armed conflict in Gaza and sexual and reproductive rights of Women

EBCOG is seriously concerned about the consequences of the ongoing armed conflict in Gaza between Israel and Palestine on the sexual and reproductive rights of women. We have previously issued our position statement (1) in 2022, clearly highlighting our concerns about these armed conflicts globally. It is well known that armed conflicts bring about more significant health-related consequences to the non-combatant, especially the elderly, women, and children, further than battle-related deaths. This is especially true when the healthcare facilities have been accidentally or intentionally destroyed.

Our thoughts are with the families of the innocent victims in Israel and Palestine who have been caught in this violent armed conflict. We are also concerned about the safety of pregnant women, young mothers, and children who are being forced to migrate. This forced migration places women at increased risk of gender-based violence during their journey. 

EBCOG condemns conflict-based sexual violence and is a signatory of FIGO’s Red Line Initiative

 The international community must act now to ensure that a sound diplomatic solution is found to stop this armed conflict soon to safe guard reproductive and sexual rights of women and their families. International agencies should collaborate together to deal with the economic and health consequences of the current armed conflict on every individual. There is no justification to use women and children as weapons.

The United Nations must ensure that a permanent peaceful settlement is achieved to prevent the reoccurrence of such armed conflicts in the future.

Ref: The consequences of armed conflict on the health of women and newborn and sexual reproductive health- A position statement by the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EBCOG).

This statement is available through the EJOG Journal: or can be found on the EBCOG website

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